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MJP x Greater Giving

I am excited to announce my partnership with Greater Giving! If you're looking for fundraising technology solutions, let me introduce you to the team at Greater Giving. 

Greater Giving works exclusively with schools and nonprofits nationwide and offers integrated technologies to help simplify event management and raise more funds. Greater Giving solutions are on a single platform, are user-friendly, and will simplify your job.

Helpful Links:

Home page:

Free downloadable resource guides:

For more information, reach out to me at and I will connect you to the team! 

Attached below are product information flyers for the following: 

1) Virtual Event Software; 

2) Online Bidding; 

3) Express Package; 

4) Event Package; 

5) Auction Pay 

Virtual Event Software

Online Bidding

Express Package

Event Package

Auction Pay